Adjassou-Lingetor, a fresh water spirit

Submitted by Juwon

I read the question asking about the above deity, and though I am not certain as to exactly where she originates from, but I found a similarity in the naming with a host of west African fresh and sea water goddess known as the ”Liengu” , who is some sort of mermaid and water spirit. Safe to assume here that ”Adjassou” would be the name of this particular spirit, and ”Lingetor” would be derived from the general name ”Liengu” used to refer to west african water goddess. the cult of the Liengu ismost widely popular in the west African country of cameroon, and these goddesses, (though more often than not the name LIENGU refers to just a single grand sea and land water goddess, with many subservient female water spirits at her orders) are usually linked to matters of the female gender, as protectors or household gods. They are said to cure and cause disease, bestow and withdraw wealth from the human men they sleep with, are associated with many forms of witchcraft and sorcery. I am certain you will find something close to what you seek if you search the cult of Liengu(Mermaid) on google.